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How To Make Your Nail Art Design

One thing I love about living in Bangkok, Thailand is I can have a nail manicure for $5. Thai women love getting their nails done so, consequently, there are nail salons all over Bangkok with cheap prices any westerner won't believe. The next time you're in Bangkok and want to get your nails done, check out these places for great manicures, acrylic nails, fill ins, polishing, nail repair or even pedicures. Polymer clay is efficiently used by many nail products manufacturers to make canes with attractive designs. They are mostly handmade with beautiful designs. Their diameter lies somewhere between 1/8 inch (3 mm) and 1/2-inch (14 mm). Although they are of tiny sizes, their designs are perfectly visible. You have to just take a sharp blade and cut slices from these canes. Some of them have to be warmed before slicing. You have to just embed these design slices in your acrylic or nail gel. They can also be used with nail polish. However acrylic-based polish is best for using cane slices. There are many, many colors of Swarovski crystals for nails. It doesn't matter what outfit you are wearing, or what your nail design is like, there will be a Swarovski crystal color to match. Yet another reason for their popularity. No matter what color you could think of, the Swarovski crystals come in everything from clear to black, including everything in between. DON'T be afraid to be bold and non-traditional in your nail style and color! The traditional French Manicure is predictable and dated. Today's modern brides are wearing colors and art styles that complement their personal style. More chic than a French is an opaque natural shade that matches skin tone with a slight shimmer. Many people are put off the thought of creating their own nail designs as they believe it is too difficult. This couldn't be further from the truth - creating these nail designs is extremely easy. Well, there are many basic designs out there to start with and you can grow more adventurous as your confidence grows. First, use an electric file with a coarse bit or coarse grit hand file to remove loose acrylic product from around the cuticle line. Then rough-up the remaining acrylic until the shine is gone. Acrylic will bond to acrylic if it is rough. The other nail art kit components you can find are nail crystals. They come in different colours and forms. The most popular group are the Swarovski crystals which use special technology that result in shiny solid crystals, making them very popular. Another component is nail flowers made using a technology similar to nail stickers. There are different types of flowers including those made from acrylic materials. Should you do a little research on the different kinds of nail art implements available, you are sure to find something that suits you.

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