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Choosing The Perfect Nail Competition Hand Model

Every year we look to celebrities for fashion inspiration and new styles. Looking back over this year we can say that 2008 did not disappoint. Although some celebrities veered a little too far left of what is fashionably acceptable many others hit the bulls-eye. Even if you didn't commit to any of the following trends, you can't deny that they made statements in 2008. We have broken them down in order from 1 - 10 and let you know who owned that specific celebrity style. The first color you want to find is a pure white. This will be the color you apply to the tip of your nail. Occasionally white nail polishes come with a fine tip, which makes applying the color easier. The second color you want is a light pink-beige. Try to find a polish that will best match the natural color of your fingernail. For your third polish, you will want a clear coat to finish off your french nails that will dry with a glossy shine. This nail design game is very great, but it also has some shortcomings. First, girls have to go to the nail shop to decorate nails. This may spend much time. If you do not have enough time, it will not be very convenient. Second, there are limited patterns to choose. Girls do not have any other choice but the limited patterns in the nail shop. Girls can not make the DIY pattern according to their favorite. Sometimes, these two shortcomings make the creative nail design inconvenient. Many people are put off the thought of creating their own nail designs as they believe it is too difficult. This couldn't be further from the truth - creating these nail designs is extremely easy. Well, there are many basic designs out there to start with and you can grow more adventurous as your confidence grows. Another great feature about these acrylic nails is that they are quite durable. The beautician will glue these artificial nails to your natural nails. But, it is not necessary that the processes involved in this should be done only at a beauty salon. They can be done at home also. There is a special glue that is required for carrying out these processes. Various nail designs can be painted on them after they are glued. These designs will make your nails highly glamorous and beautiful. These are many acrylic nail design ideas and you should choose the most appropriate ones that suit your tastes. But, while removing the acrylic nails, you should be very much careful. The fact of the matter is that nail care becomes highly important when artificial nails are opted for. One of these accessories that they would apply on their bodies would be acrylic nails. These are false or fake nail made of plastics that are glued at the tip or as an additional layer of the nails. This makes an impression that her nail is longer and sexier looking that it really is. Fashion Trend # 8: Bangs. This look also doesn't work for everyone, but when it does, watch out! Check out the bangs on Jessica Alba and Christina Aguilera.HOT! The latest's in nail fashion? Nail wraps such as the metallic nails range. These wraps are pre-printed designs from a digital printer, allowing for complex patterns and reflective metallic finishes that are not possible through traditional methods. They are applied with heat activation and allow for designs to be finished in a fraction of the time. Not only this but they protect nails from scratches and don't chip like traditional products. They last for over 1 month and truly are the latest breakthrough in nail art.

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